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What is a Good Design?
  • Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
  • Good design is good business
  • Good art inspires; Good design motivates

Conceptualized Websites

Concept – a general idea used to formulate a plan

A design concept is the idea behind a design. It’s how you plan on solving the design problem in front of you. It’s the underlying logic, thinking, and reasoning for how you’ll design a Conceptualized website.

As concept will always lead to your choices in color and type; thus choose your aesthetic and determine your grid.

Our design concept becomes the framework for all designs decisions.

We use to think of design concepts in two ways:

Verbal – the verbal parts of your concept might be words you use to describe the site. For example your design concept might be one of sophisticated elegance. Verbal concepts tend toward the abstract. They’re focused on the message your design is to communicate.

Visual – the visual parts of your concept might be a specific image or color scheme. It might be an idea to use circles prominently. Visual concepts tend to be a little more concrete. They should come from the verbal part of your concept. Our visual concepts are focused more on the how of conveying your message.

Typically we begin forming a concept verbally. At times, though, a concept comes to us visually. We may see an image in our mind for part of the site or the colors we want to use... This usually happens after we have done some verbal conceptualizing, though before writing it down.

Generally verbal concepts come before visual concepts as the visual is really about how you’ll communicate the verbal, though it likely depends on the individual and how you think best.

Thus at 3WC, we always determined on working out Conceptualized Website designing with desired perfection in desired time.

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